Facebook Israel Office Vandalised in Beef of Anti-Semitic Pages

Facebook Israel Office
Facebook Israel Office

Facebook address in the Israeli basic of Tel Aviv city-limits was vandalised during beef adjoin the amusing networking website’s abortion to annul pages annoying abandon adjoin Jews and Israelis, a media address said.

Israeli aborigine Rotem Gez, spray-painted blood-soaked handprints and the byword “blood on your hands” on the amusing media giant’s architecture at the Rothschild Boulevard street, the Jerusalem Post appear on Sunday.

The man after told a bounded TV approach that he vandalised the architecture because Facebook “doesn’t yield down pages that alarm for the annihilation of Israelis”, the circadian said.

He aswell declared that the aggregation keeps arguable anti-semitic pages online because they were acceptable for traffic. buy hosting

Police said no complaint about the graffiti was accustomed and that they were not accustomed with the case.

In 2011, Gez accurately afflicted his name to “Mark Zuckerberg”, so that in a accusation Facebook was filing adjoin him they would accept to say they were suing anyone with the aforementioned name as their founder.

The aggregation sued Gez over a arrangement he created to advertise “likes” for posts that users accomplish on the site.

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