This year the members of my class will have a reunion to celebrate our 50th year since high school graduation. So starts the reflections on where we were then and where we are now. 1966 was a tumultuous time. The nation was divided on the far-away war (Viet Nam, not Iraq or Afghanistan), our President was distrusted (Nixon, not Bush or Obama), and our futures were full of both promise and uncertainty.


Some of us sprung out of the starting gate and never looked back. Others of us took our time. Some of us are still a work in progress and many are still in the running. We have become parents and grandparents. We have taken care of our children, our parents, and our friends and have buried more of them than we would like to count. We have tended to our communities and traveled the world to do good deeds. We have made friends and we have made mistakes. We have gotten older and fatter, greyer and crankier. But we have never lost our sense of humor and our occasional distrust of rules and authority – although we have become their guardians. As baby boomers, we have changed the world and it has changed us.


In our class of 1966 alone, we have become attorneys and judges, teachers and professors, biomedical researchers, entrepreneurs and business owners, realtors and land developers, politicians and diplomats, counselors and consultants, radio personalities and authors, insurance brokers, librarians, religious leaders, physicians, nurses and dentists. The list goes on. And we are still not finished.


We will go forward into our seventh, eighth, and ninth decades (God willing and the creek don’t rise) and will complete our futures in a variety of ways. We have lived rich and full lives and we have given back. We are regular human beings who have survived and thrived – and we look forward, even as we gaze backwards. Hey, it’s been one helluva a ride, I say.


We have developed wisdom and scar tissue – and are well on our way to being revered for our longevity, our contributions, buy hosting and for being the authority we rebelled against. Let us hope that when we are finished that we have fulfilled the legacy of our promises so many years ago.

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